Energy Services BC (ESBC) is a registered not for profit organization. Our mandate is to be an advocate for the oil, gas and energy service sector in British Columbia. ESBC’s activities are funded through annual ESBC membership fees.

The organization has a long history in Northeastern BC. It evolved from the former Northern Society of Oilfield Contractors & Service Firms (NCOCSF), an organization that had been active for more than thirty years as a regional advocate for companies who provided services in the oil and gas industry. In 2007, the members decided to change the name of the organization to Energy Services BC (ESBC) and broaden our focus from a regional to provincial organization and to position ourself for future involvement in the broader scope of the energy sector.


In addition to its advocacy role, Energy Services BC holds Trade Shows, called Energy Expos, to establish face-to-face contact between producers and member service providers. 

The directors also regularly interact with boards and committees including:

  • Oil and Gas Commission Advisory Board
  • Regional Transportation Advisory Committee
  • Alaska Highway Improvement Committee (Proposed Passing Lane Placement)
  • Northern BC Truckers Association
  • Air Services Development Committee


Energy Services BC has recently initiated a joint venture between NBC Truckers Association, the Fort St. John Chamber of Commerce and ourselves to join the North East BC Resource Municipalities Coalition. This now gives us an even greater voice in government.

Energy Services BC also represents its members at topic relevant ad-hoc meetings and events. These include government, private sector and business events and forums 


Candidates must meet the following criteria to become a member of ESBC:

BC Incorporated Companies

  • Must be incorporated in the province of British Columbia
  • Must maintain an office and/or operations centre in British Columbia
  • Vehicles must be registered and insured in British Columbia

Companies Based Outside BC but with Office or Operations Centre in BC

  • Corporation must be registered provincially to operate in British Columbia
  • Must pay British Columbia taxes
  • Maintain an office or operations centre in British Columbia
  • Must maintain BC resident manager and personnel

Associate Member

  •  Must have a BC address


Member Service