Strategies for Business in a Downturn Economy -

New Deadline May 15th

BC business owners -

It is well know that the slowdown in the economy is dramatically affecting businesses in northeast BC. While you may not be able to influence the economy, you can influence how your business adjusts and adapts to a business cycle downturn. It is those businesses that take action now who are likely to survive and are also in the best position when the economy recovers. Northern Development programs support local businesses and I would like to introduce two business programs that could help your business now.

The Competitiveness Consulting Rebate program can offer a 50% rebate up to $30,000 for projects that include diversification, new market research, operational reviews for efficiency, human resources or strategic planning. If you invest in creating a more efficient business now, you can protect your bottom line and maintain profits even with lower revenues.

A NEW program is the Manufacturer’s Executive Council (MEC), a peer mentoring group to help business owners collaborate and learn from each other - share the pain and share best practices to improve their business. Non-competing businesses meet monthly in Fort St John with a facilitator from Canadian Manufacturers and Exporters to strategize, problem solve and sharpen your skills as a leader. The program outline is attached. The MEC is 50% funded by Northern Development through the Competitiveness Consulting Rebate program. The deadline for the MEC program has been extended to May 15th and you do not have to be a manufacturer to join.

We are soliciting interest from business owners in Northeast BC but the group is limited to 12 non- competing businesses so please reach out immediately. Now is not the time to take a “wait and see” approach to your business. Seeking resources to help in tough times is just smart. If you would like to discuss these programs in more detail, please contact me directly. Renata King Director, Business Development Northern Development Initiative Trust 250-561-2525

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